SentryFORT / SIGNIO is a brand for Innotec Solutions Pte Ltd and Disruptech Pte Ltd. It functions as a remote guarding software complete with guided SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and extensive virtual guard tour management. We managed the entire project on top of marketing and design of the final product. Our tasks were to plan, conceptualize and design UI / UX for all of the modules in the software platform as well as produce relevant marketing collateral complete with presentation decks.

Innotec Solutions Pte Ltd
Disruptech Pte Ltd
UI / UX Design, Marketing Collateral,
3D design
Rory Bekowski
Nick Severiano
9 weeks

Brief and Ideas (UI/UX)

Accumulating a total of 35 screens, we focused the Interface Design on the User Experience due to the fact that majority of the users will be security guards who belong in an aged demographic. The design was made elegant yet simple for users to interact with ease. But this is not without proof. 

We tested it with 15 security guards aged between 29 – 61 years old and it resulted with an average score of 90/100 after guiding them through a brief tutorial. 

An estate that we tested the software on was with International Plaza in Singapore.

Interior Design

There were plans on setting up a Security HQ where all security feeds go through a relay platform in order for total control over security situations. 

Our task was to design a room concept based on an actual space. We measured the room and scaled it in size in our 3D software where the modeling, texturing and lighting took place to produce these renders of a security HQ concept. 

Product Solution Sheet

There were a lot of pitching on the client’s side where they had to present this concept and beta-stage software to their leads. They required a solution sheet to be sent to their leads.