Innotec Solutions

Innotec Solutions

Innotec Solutions Pte Ltd, Singapore’s leading security technology provider, hired us for all their digital marketing campaigns. We were tasked with creating a vast number of brands promoting a specific type of security products while handling marketing campaigns from start to finish on tight deadlines.


From website creation and producing marketing collateral, to planning and managing the execution of the digital marketing direction, we constantly analyze the market through Google and propose new projects when assigned to launch a collection of security products. In a span of 2 years, we have created nearly 20 websites and managed all their marketing campaigns.


Other works include designing and production of Company Profile, Product Brochures, Business Cards, Newsletters, Seasonal Greeting Cards, Video Promo and setting up Call Center Greeting. 

Innotec Solutions
Marketing Collateral,
Web Design and Development
Rory Bekowski
Nick Severiano
108 weeks (Contract)

Web Design and Development

The task was to create multiple websites and landing pages for their digital campaigns. Since they focused on having different types of products tied specifically to unique websites, we have built almost 20 websites for them. 

Display Ads for Marketing Campaign

There was an idea to launch a digital campaign during Chinese Lunar 7th Month also known as Hungry Ghost Month. We proposed ideas that would intrigue web visitors when they see the display ads. The final design was eventually based off their own concept. The landing page was also included in the proposed strategy to divert web traffic from display ads.